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Women represent 52% of the European population

Women are cashiers, teachers, maintenance officers, secretaries, nurses, home helpers, nursery assistants, social workers, administrative staff, midwives, hostesses, students… Our business lines

are essential to society. Yet they are poorly paid and their hardship is not recognized.

Women are engineers, technicians, workers, employees or managers. We do the same work as men but with a lower salary.

We are part-time with a part-time salary often because we have no other choice

Between shopping, cleaning and children, we do an average of 20 hours of household chores per week

Our work is invisible and devalued. Our salary is 26% lower than that of men. Therefore, from 15:40 we work for free. Every day.

We are retired and our pension is 40% lower than that of men.

We have been fighting for a long time against the precariousness brought to the forefront with force by the yellow vests.

We are foreigners, victims of racism, disabled, lesbians, and we suffer from multiple discrimination.

We are women at work, on the street or at home, we face gender and sexual violence

We are French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Cypriot, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Russian, English, Irish, Belgian, Croatian, Serbian, German, Romanian, Moldovan, Czech, Azeri, Armenian, Turkish, Swiss, Danish, Icelandic, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Latvian, Estonian, and Brazilian, Iranian, Argentinean, Indian, American, Canadian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Ivorian, Japanese, Chinese, etc. and we are everywhere in the world in solidarity with all women .

To say that women demand equal rights , our work to be recognized and paid for. To end violence and guarantee our freedom of choice. To win equality and make our voices heard.

These are demands we need to make to our employers and the government.

We, together with other associations call for a feminist strike on March 8, actions of rallies, demonstrations. Let’s disengage at 3: 40, Paris hour. Let’s all wear a purple scarf!



PS. We are waiting of the result on the collective complaints against the 15 countries which accept them, for a violation of the European Social Charter on non respect of eqaul pay for equal job launched by UWE at Strasbourg. European Confederation of Trade Union, EQUINET and European Union are part of the procedure and support it.

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