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Equalistaa women tech startup  – 8 brave women designers, researchers, developers and marketing working remotely around Europe based in Germany- launched the world’s first gender equality learning app to make knowledge about systemic inequality accessible to everyone. The content of this app equips people with more knowledge about the topic, makes them more aware of the inequality around them, and helps them to know how to act when facing inequality.

On International Women’s Day, March 8, Equalista released a new version of its app featuring the first of its learning courses on street harassment. More sessions will be added to this course.

Why is this learning app needed?

Over 90% of people around the world hold bias against women (1). Sexual harassment is still viewed as the top issue facing women and girls worldwide (2). Most people wildly overestimate how quickly the gender pay gap will close (2). Of the world’s top 500 companies, 3% of CEOs are women (2).

Gender inequality is a systemic problem affecting everyone. Yet – it’s not something taught in schools, and there is no one-stop learning resource we can all turn to. We’re changing that.

“We believe that the first step to change is knowledge. We need to know about the problems we want to solve. And technology can be a game changer in providing knowledge at scale.” – Theo, Co-Founder.


How our users learn?

Equalista’s glossary teaches equality terminology such as misogyny, mansplaining, and patriarchy with swipe cards.

Users can build on this vocabulary by progressing through courses on different issues. Each course is made up of short, interactive sessions which walk people through the issues or concepts, such as street harassment, emotional labor, and the glass ceiling. They build up their knowledge of each topic with facts & figures, gain awareness by learning how to spot it in their lives and discover the choices they have for taking action when they face it.

Equalista is built on thorough research ranging from academic sources to lived experience and pop culture and always with an intersectional lens.

Equalista is free to download and register for both Android and iOS. The free version offers one learning session a day. Subscribing to the paid full option within the app ensuresEqualista can continue to research and create content.

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