Wed, Apr 17, 2024

On June 24th, six judges of the Supreme Court of the United States decided to reverse the Roe v Wade decision authorizing abortion, the 1973 case that legalised abortion nationwide, and Planned Parenthood v Casey, the decision that extended it (with modifications) in 1992. The Supreme Court has never before withdrawn a constitutional right that so many Americans have relied upon for so long.

Six people are having a disproportionate impact on women’s lives by depriving them of their right to control their own bodies, and it affects us all.

We see regressions after decades of progress like in Poland on the same subject.  Yet women have fought for the decriminalization of abortion in Colombia, Ireland, the Harvey Weinstein’s are brought to justice, the #MeToo movement has opened a global breach, women have won the right to love and marry whoever they want.

We are half human, and in new obstacles, punishments, appropriation like Afghanistan, opportunities lost, rights violated, we will always be where the Justice is and we will fight for our rights.

Together, again and again, we must fight for our Rights.” Anne Bergheim Negre, President University Women of Europe

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