Fri, Jun 21, 2024

Key Message from the President of University of Europe Dr. Anne Bergheim-Nègre on the International Women’s Day

“In 2023 we have a historical perspective of the struggles for women to become beneficiaries of human rights. We see clear successes in the so-called Western countries. International or regional governmental organizations have been the driving force behind these advances.

But women still suffer from discrimination and violence. Until when?

The future depends on us, on our capacity to gather women in our countries to think, to act in support of equality, education, freedom, peace.

Can we allow human rights to be unraveled under the pressure of autocracies? Many countries are currently spending exponentially on armaments. The past shows that if this armament is first of all for defensive purposes, unfortunately, some countries can move towards an offensive, aggressive policy…

On this 8th of March 2023, the board joins me in sending you all our friendship and our thanks for your commitment”



President Dr Anne Bergheim-Nègre Message

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