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The collective complaints procedure is a human rights protection system for social and economic rights which complements the judicial protection provided under the European Convention on Human Rights for civil and political rights. 

The collective complaints procedure is a unique form of collective legal action in the human rights protection system, reflecting a systemic approach in addressing social rights problems. This procedure encourages and provides guidance to states to resolve structural problems and shortcomings that prevent general and effective enjoyment of social rights by all the people living within their jurisdiction.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the entry into force of the Additional Protocol to the European Social Charter Providing for a System of Collective Complaints (ETS No. 158) in 1998, the Social Rights Department of the Council of Europe was  hosting an event on July 6, 2023 in Strasbourg,  to discuss effective social rights protection in the European space.

On celebrating the 25th anniversary of the entry into effect of the collective complaints procedure, this event represents an unambiguous call on the Council of Europe members states that have not yet accepted it, to follow the example of the first 16 states that did so. Such acceptance will contribute to a more coherent legal space for the implementation of social rights in Europe.

Click HERE to see  the recording of the event 


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