Wed, Apr 17, 2024

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Membership  is open to:

1. Any European National Federations and Associations – NFA affiliated to Graduate Women International – GWI or supporting the mission of UWE shall be admitted as a member of UWE upon application
2. A graduate woman, resident in a country, member of the Council of Europe and/or of the European Union may become an individual member of UWE upon application.

‘National Federations and Associations’, hereinafter NFAs, shall mean a group which is a member of the Graduate Women International, hereinafter GWI, as a National Federation or Association whether or not this group represents a whole nation or only part of a nation and/or a NFA which supports the mission of GWI and UWE/GEFDU and consists of Graduate Women located in Europe..

For information about membership please contact us at  Contact us at with the following contact details: name, address, email, skype, website , study and occupation.

Member organisations and countries